Recommendations for a battery box with bass roll-off


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you may have listened to my latest Maiden recordings. I think they really lack some bass.
Problem is that my battery box (soundman A3 that was delivered together with the OKM II Rock mics ) only has a bass roll-off setting of 300Hz, which is in my opinion too high.

It is possible to increase the volume of lower frequencies with an equalizer in Audition, Wavelab, Sound Forge or any other audio editing tool, but I think it doesn't sound the same. When applying a bass boost filter I hear that other information on the recording get lost (high and/or mid freqs).
Any tips about mastering and adding more bass are highly welcome!

Till now I only recorded one support band without applying the bass roll-off option on the battery-box, that recording sounded far away and lacks nearly all high frequencies.
For testing I will try another recording in January, when Grave Digger will play in Essen, without bass roll-off and see how it will come out.

But for now I’m looking into getting a new battery box with a customisable bass roll-off.
Do you have any recommendations for a nice tiny battery box that will fit my needs?

With the Maiden tour 2007 in mind, I’m really looking into a way to improve the quality of the recordings ;-)



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I have a lot of experience with the OKM and A3 box.
However the OKM will work on any simple box.

The tiniest being my homemade ones Gebsbbox107 would be ideal for the mics.....see pics in hub