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Hub rules

1) Only bootlegs are allowed here (no software, no porn, no movies, no warez, ..., no official commercial stuff: studio albums, singles, live albums, cover albums, videos, ...).
2) Bootlegs only in lossless (APE, FLAC, SHN, ...) formats are allowed. No lossy formats like MP3 or similar.
3) Only one show per download from each user (you can queue more albums form users with many free slots). Do not leave hub and continue to download
4) Do no share incomplete bootlegs
5) You are free to download what ever is shared here, but if you don't want to contribute to the hub your account will be deleted.

How to contribute to the hub?

1) Sharing stuff that was not shared yet in the hub
2) Writing info about concerts/bootlegs for http://www.maiden-world.com/live/Main_Page.

Which bands can I share in the hub?

Hub is not limited to Iron Maiden and related bootlegs. You can share any band you want. Many people there are interested in Helloween, Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest, Gamma Ray and other metal bands.

Message "your nick is taken" when you try to connect to the hub.

That usually means your connection or DC crushed without logging off from the hub. Your nick stays there for few minutes until server realises you are not connected to the hub. You can't connect to the hub before hub removes you from the users list.

Why are some new releases marked as "for casv only", "for bobo only", ...

Because majority of the hub members have relatively low upload speed. In order to spread new bootlegs faster in the hub, one of the members with 10mbit connection downloads releases first and then shares them afterwards for everyone else.

What is the problem with Monkey's Audio 3.99?

Tracks compressed with version 3.99 can not be decompressed with Monkey's Audio 3.97. There are some compatibility problems and using version 3.97 in the hub is mandatory.

I can't burn this particular DVD because burning program reports missing files or similar?

DVD was not authorised correctly and some files might be missing. In majority of similar cases you should burn it like that. You will be able to watch it without problems afterward.

What should I do with VIDEO_RM folder on downloaded DVD?

Ignore it and burn only VIDEO_TS folder. VIDEO_RM folder was created by Phillips standalone recorder and it's not compatible with DVD Video format. DVD players will ignore it. You can also ignore it when you have to share DVD with VIDEO_RM folder. Just rar VIDEO_TS folder and share it.

I need help with hub commands.

Type !h in main chat window while you are in the hub.

!r - to read lastest Maiden related releases (Bruce, Blaze, Dianno)
!w [%bootleg] - to add Maiden related release; for example to add 2003-10-27 Milano DVD type !w 2003-10-27 Milano DVD

!rr - to read lastest non Maiden related releases
!ww [%bootleg] - to add non Maiden related release

!i - to read incomings to the hub
!ia [%bootleg] - to add new incoming to the hub

!req - to read requests list
!reqadd [%bootleg] - to add new request to the list
!reqshared [%bootleg] - when you share requested bootleg
!reqdone [%bootleg] - to mark requested bootleg as downloaded

Requests are mainly for previous releases, not for something that is not shared in the hub before.

Commands are available on popup menu which you can access if you right click on hub's tab in DC++.

Where I can find complete list of all released bootlegs in the hub?

You can find file Hub list.bmu in my share. You will need Bootlegs Manager to read it. There you can find all Maiden and Maiden related releases, with almost all Helloween, Megadeth and Gamma Ray too.

In the same folder you can find two files with all Maiden and non Maiden releases in chronological order.

How to rip tracks from audio CD and share them in the hub?


First you need the best audio ripping tool around. You can find EAC here http://www.exactaudiocopy.de. With EAC you can be sure you have 100% copy from CD.

When you install it go to Drive Options, select Secure Mode and click on Detect Read Features and Examine C2 Feature. After that unselect Drive caches audio data option if it is checked.

Go to Compression Options and select Monkey's Audio and Normal Lossless Compression. If you can't find then you have to install Monkey's Audio. Download version 3.97 from my share.

You can rip tracks to WAV file first or you can rip them directly to APE with Copy Selected Tracks.

Checking for mp3 source and editing

Download Hub Audio Tools from my share and load track from the bootleg in it. Go to Frequency Analysis page and play the track. Check this thread http://www.maiden-world.com/forum/topic1960.html and compare it with your track. If you are not sure is it mp3 sourced or not or you don't have enough experience to judge it, right mouse click, save analysis as picture (jgp is better then bmp), share it and ask someone in main chat to check it.

Making MD5

You already have Hub Audio Tools and you can go to the page "MD5" where you can select folder for which you want to calculate md5 sums. You can drag them from Windows Explorer too. We need md5 files because when you finish download you can check your files with it. If there is no error that means you have 100% identical copy.


For easier search through your share you should share each band in separate folders and folder name should contain at least date (in "YYYY-MM-DD" format) and city. Do not share incomplete bootlegs.[/url]


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All commands are now available on popup menu which you can access if you right click on hub's tab in DC++.


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Tour 2006 list added

!tour or !t - to read the list
!touradd - add new one (!touradd Paris)
!tourdel - delete added (!tourdel Paris)

Message board added

!messread - to read messages
!messwrite - to add new message