bootleg "Early Years"


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I'm trying to find info about this bootleg on different traders websites but I can't find anything. On covers it says:

-Soundhouse tapes (1-3)
-Live at the Marque, June 1980 (4-10)
-Live at the "Reading Rock Festival", August 1980 (11-15)

I've found similar info on Vegueta's website for soundhouse tapes. He mentions same format but live recordings are from Japan.
I think this is what you're looking for, BoBo:

Early Years

Label: Natural Disaster
Catalog #: NADCD 002
Format: 1CD
P/A: xxx
Sound: xxx
1-3: Spaceward studios, Cambridge, United Kingdom
4-10: The Marquee, London, United Kingdom
11-15: Reading Festival, United Kingdom

1-3: 30 December 1978
4-10: June 1980
11-15: 24 August 1980

11-15: Iron Maiden Tour UK

Sleeve: Mostly black, no pictures. Just a rather small Maiden logo, the name of the album and small handwritten words "Rare & Unreleased" in one corner.

Time: 67:14

1 - Iron Maiden
2 - Invasion
3 - Prowler
4 - Drifter
5 - Phantom Of The Opera
6 - Innocent Exile
7 - Sanctuary
8 - Running Free
9 - Remember Tomorrow
10 - I've Got The Fire
11 - Prowler
12 - Remember Tomorrow
13 - Killers
14 - Running Free
15 - Transylvania

Tracks 1-3 are from the Soundhouse Tapes EP.


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Yes, that is the info that i need. Thanks.

It is weird that big traders don't have it in their lists.

edit (after listening boot):

Vegueta: "I think this is from the first tour, because at the end of transylvania, Paul introduces the band and he mentions Dennis Stratton and as you know the first time in Japan was with Adrian and on the Killers tour."

That is what Paul says on this bootleg too. Someone is wrong here. Maybe I don't have real "Early Years" bootleg, just covers.

Maiden Norway

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Here is the info i have on the boot
Natural Disaster nadcd002
Pressed In Italy

Track 1 to 3 - The Soundhouse Tapes, 31.12.1978
Track 4, 5, 7 & 10 - London, Marquee Club, 3.7.1980
Track 6, 8 & 9 - Nagoya, Kosei Nenkin Hall, Japan, 23.5.1981
Track 11 to 15 - Reading Festival, UK, 23.8.190