ABC of things we CAN'T Live without!!!


The Plumber That Rocks
Plumbing & Heating Engineers:cool::cool::cool::cool:

I’m glad someone jumped in and took O.....
I needed to have this letter :D:D:D

I’m a bit disappointed that TG jumped in and liked Ryan’s reply and didn’t even write Plumber for the letter P :(


The Plumber That Rocks
Can’t decide what to put here..... :oops:

It’s two things really.....
Tickets.... without which there would be no gigs..
twilightglow without which I would be talking to myself most of the time here :D
Her pitiful contribution of 1.9 % of the total posts here needs a significant improvement :p
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The last time I had it was in the 90s. Sometimes I watch the commercial on Youtube and remember cry.gif

I never had the mint one, just the vanilla.