2007 Tour : who will tape/film what ??


So here we go ! Who will tape or film what ?
Thanx to post infos in this thread if you plan to tape or film one of this Maiden gig. I will update the 1st post when needed.

2007-03-09 Dubai, Desert Rock Festival, UAE
Audio : Missing - Only compilation of audio taken from Youtube is available
Video : Missing - Filmed but not available for the moment

2007-03-11 Athens, Hellinkikon Basketball Arena, Greece
Audio : Missing, except a dvd rip
Video : Filmed (Fotiz & Cronos)

2007-03-14 Belgrade, Fair Indoor Arena, Serbia
Audio : Gulnarek (taped but incomplete) , Dejan (full gig taped x 2), Georgi (taped)
Video : Filmed

2007-03-17 Bangalore, Bangalore Palace, India
Audio : Missing - only mp3 version available
Video : Missing - Filmed but not available for the moment

2007-06-02 Ljubjana, Bezigrad Stadium, Slovenia
Audio : RudyTrooper (taped), LoloMaidenfan (taped)
Video : Missing

2007-06-04 Sofia, Lokomotiv Stadium Arena Muzika Festival, Bulgaria
Audio : Georgi (taped), Thomas B. (taped)
Video : Filmed

2007-06-06 Ostrava, Ostrava Banik Football Stadium, Czech Republic
Audio : Zdenius (taped), Mirdaroh (taped), GarfieldPL (taped)
Video : Filmed (incomplete and complete versions)

2007-06-08 Ludwigshafen, Sudweststadion, Germany
Audio : Maiden Belgium (taped), Paule (3 songs taped), Triviumfan (taped), Burn (taped), SF (taped)
Video : Norbinho (Filmed), IronHorse666 (Filmed)

2007-06-10 Donington, Download Festival, England, UK
Audio : Tommyten, WebCast (lossy) taped by a lot of people
Video : Tommyten (filmed), Gig Addiction (filmed)

2007-06-14 Venice, Heineken Jammin Festival, Italy
Audio : GUI (taped), Motleb (taped), Karl R . (taped), Daniele N. (taped .. but with a voice recorder - Lossy)
Video : Missing

2007-06-16 Zwolle, Fields Of Rock festival, Holland
Audio : Ead666 (taped), IronPedro (taped), Maiden Belgium (taped), Bean, Paule (taped), LoloMaidenfan (taped), Maidengsy (taped), PurpleFan (taped)
Video : CWildest (Filmed)

2007-06-17 Düsseldorf, ISS Dome, Germany
Audio : Ead666 (taped), Maiden Belgium, Paule (taped), LoloMaidenfan (taped), Maidengsy (taped)
Video : Missing - Only 4 min filmed

2007-06-20 Rome, Olympic Stadium, Italy
Audio : LoloMaidenfan (taped), Daniele N. (taped .. but with a voice recorder - Lossy)
Video : Gab (Filmed), BruceDickinson87 (Filmed), 3ccd version (filmed)

2007-06-21 Bilbao, BBK Live Festival, Spain
Audio : Missing
Video : Missing

2007-06-23 Dessel, Graspop Festival, Belgium
Audio : Maiden Belgium, LoloMaidenfan (taped)
Video : Filmed

2007-06-24 London, Brixton Acedemy, England, UK
Audio : FodPhil (taped), Bulldog (taped)
Video : Missing