"1998-05-19, Madrid, Palacio de los Deportes" Boot


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1998-05-19, Madrid, Palacio de Los Deportes

-SetList and Track Times:

01. Intro/Futureal 04:39
02. The Angel And The Gambler 08:39
03. Man On The Edge 04:23
04. Lightning Strikes Twice 04:44
05. Heaven Can Wait 07:58
06. The Clansman 09:28
07. When Two Worlds Collide 05:46
08. Lord Of The Flies 04:47
09. 2 Minutes To Midnight 06:19
10. The Educated Fool 06:28

Total Duration: 63:11

01. Sign Of The Cross 10:51
02. Hallowed Be Thy Name 07:53
03. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 06:31
04. The Evil That Men Do 04:11
05. The Clairvoyant 04:37
06. Fear Of The Dark 07:06
07. Iron Maiden 06:21
08. The Number Of The Beast 04:42
09. The Trooper 03:45
10. Sanctuary 11:28

Total Duration: 67:25

In Sanctuary, from 07:58 to End is the song "Always Look at the bright side of life"

Recorded in Madrid, on a very rainy day. :)

Played "Lord Of The Flies" instead of "Murders In The Rue Morgue"


Is a Soundboard recording, so the quality is very good (5/5)

There are strange sounds in some songs:

Between "Futureal" and "The Angel And The Gambler"
"Heaven Can Wait" at 00:10
Between "Heaven Can Wait" and "The Clansman"

-Rants and speeches on CD1:

My english is very poor :( , so probably will be some error and missing parts, I´ll try to do it the best that I can (sometimes is complicated for a non english speaking).
If someone see one error or missing part, please, correct it or let me know so I could edit the post.
I´ll try to modify it as a found errors :)

Blaze wasn´t very talkative during the show. Most of the songs wasn´t even presented.

1."The Angel And The Gambler":

At The beginning:
"Let see the hands on the air, yeah, come on,Venga"
"Venga" --> translated "Come on"
At 04:09:
"Venga" --> translated "Come on"
At 06:50 and 07:48:
"Come on"

2. "The Clansman":
At The beginning:
"¿Como estais?, Come on, ¿Como estais?.Oh yeah. We have a new album, call Virtual XI. This is one of the most favourites song from that album, and it is call, The Clansman"
"¿Como Estais?" --> translated "How are you?"

3. "Lord Of The Flies":
Some speech in the beginning, but I don´t know what it says :(

4. "2 Minutes To Midnight":
At 05:34 (before the educated fool):
"Gracias. You are fucking great tonight. Muy bien,fantastico. Oh,yeah. So we always love coming to Spain,it is one of very favourites places on earth to play"
"And ..... is because everytime we came here, you crazy motherfuckers show ..... fucking incredible.You people, are fantastic"

I don´t know what it says in the ..... parts, so please, someone fill in :)

"Gracias" --> Translated "Thank you"
"Muy Bien, Fantastico" ---> Translated "Very well/good, Fantastic"

5. "The Educated Fool":
At The beginning:
"Ok, here is another one of the favourites from Virtual XI. This one is call The educated fool"


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Review of the CD2 :)

- Rants and Speeches on CD2:

1. "The Evil That Men Do":
Blaze do the song presentation with:
"The Evil That Men Do, Oh, yeah" at 00:24

2. "Iron Maiden"
"Excelente" at 03:52 --> Translated "Excelent"

3. "Sanctuary"

at 01:27
"Muy bien, We think you got a little bit more. Come on, From The Law"
"Muy Bien" ---> Translated "very well/good"

at 01:41
"Oh yeah, excelente, fantastico, maravilloso. But we think that you got just a little bit more,a little bit louder, come on. Mas fuerte.Come on, let see you, from the law"

"Excelente,Fantastico,maravilloso" ---> Translated "Excelent, Fantastic, marvelous"
"Mas Fuerte" ---> Translated "Louder"

at 02:11
"Oh Yeah"

During this show, Blaze speaks very few between or during the songs :)

- Errors on CD2:

In "The sign Of The cross" Blaze miss the verses at 03:57, saying "yeah" and don´t singing the paragraph:

"They'll be coming to bring the eternal flame
They'll be bringing us all immortality
Holding communion so the world be blessed
My creator, my God'll lay my soul to rest"