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    now thinking

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    now thinking

    Aye. It's a bit shit, honestly. Hopefully it'll all pay off!
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    The NEW random picture thread

    Just wear a high viz vest and a hardhat. You could walk into anywhere without being questioned in that get up.
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    The NEW random picture thread

    Super cool!
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    now thinking

    Hahaha. No, no, no. I'm at university full time/doing a part time evening class/volunteering/working weekends. I've hardly got time to pick my nose these days!
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    now thinking

    I'll try! I've never been this busy before, I feel like I'm constantly spinning plates hahaha. I didn't even realise I'd been away for that long! Time moves way too fast. How is it not still 2017?!?!
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    now thinking

    I see no problem with this.
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    moives you have seen recently and your opinion of them

    I heard he lost it when the Kree were torturing him..
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    tea or coffee

    ...I would choose coffee, now.
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    Breaking news!!!

    Absolute cracker.
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    now thinking

    The setlist for this new Maiden tour is fucking bonkers, innit? Gonna have to miss it this time and pretend to the missus that I'm proper buzzing about being on our honeymoon while Maiden are up this way.
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    hello thread!

    Stick to Galaxy, you'll be fine.
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    Re: Weather outside your window

    Looks like the end times.
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    now thinking