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    re: Maiden Boot list

    You can look here Alex has some pretty detailed reviews of a lot of his shows And you can check here Sebastien has ratings for all his shows. Setlists, and other info for a lot of them. And has been busy adding the...
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    does it exists?!!

    I can guarantee it is a fake. I know exactly where you saw that. That is Ryan's site. And he put that up there as a sort of joke to see if any of the other list sites would use the info and claim it as their own. IF I remember correctly that...
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    how to recognize this show

    It's 6/20/80 ... ondon.html Your 12/19/80 must be a fake. Mine is 2 cd and way too long to fit on one. Should look like this ... ondon.html
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    how to recognize this show

    They didn't play on 7/7 and 7/9 is very questionable if they played or not.
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    how to recognize this show

    Well, lets see. They only played 3 consecutive shows at the Marquee in early July. So that should narrow down the range of this show. Trouble is, I don't have anything with that long a playing time around there. What exactly is the tracklist? Are any of the songs bonus material?
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    Ok, what the hell happened?

    Yep. That is why I kind of like it here. Nice and peaceful.
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    Rare boots ?

    None are actually all that rare. 4/14/80 isn't really a boot. It is an audio rip of that part of the Early Days official CD. 9/2/80 is a fake. It is just another version of 9/3/80
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    GG rel : 1982-03-11 - Bristol Knights (Iron Maiden)

    Thanks for this awesome show. Listening to it right now and it is great!
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    Need help IDing a show

    I edited my first post to add the track times. I think you are right about essen though. AT the end of track 3 I think Bruce says 'good evening essen' when introducing transylvania. He stretches it out so long I didn't pick up that it was essen when first listening to it. Now that I was...
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    Need help IDing a show

    Not that I had noticed when checking it. I will give it another listen though. I know there were a few places he talked a bit, but I don't remember him saying the place (which is very odd for Bruce)
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    Need help IDing a show

    So, anyone have any ideas what show this is?
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    Need help IDing a show

    You're right. It is Prowler not Wrathchild. (mixed up lists :oops: working on this, and another setlist for some covers)
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    Need help IDing a show

    Disc time is about 72.12
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    Need help IDing a show

    I got this show masquerading as 1992-09-04 Lausanne, Switzerland. First, it is only 1 disc, not 2 like it should be. So I checked the tracklist. It is way off from Lausanne Here is what it has 1 Be Quick or be Dead 3.17 2 NOTB 4.52 3 Prowler 4.28 4 Transylvania 4.05 5...
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    Glasgow 81

    Keep us posted. Never know, you might have a newly surfaced boot.