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    The Vulgar Videos
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    hello thread!

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    Suggest a CD

    Electric Wizard - Dopethrone.
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    tea but no sugar : (
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    Crocodile Dundee
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    The Member Diary

    its fucking snowing again .. which is totally shafting my plans for the night. woe is me. I think I'm finally due for some good fucking luck.
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    Now Downloading

    Death - Scream Bloody Gore
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    hello thread!

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    Blackwitch - Exciter
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    hello thread!

    And she'd have great time on either of the coasts. The Maritimes on the east coast or BC. central Canada is a cesspool.
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    hello thread!

    sweet dreams bub.
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    hello thread!

    No, you spelt it right. So she went to Ontario? you shoudl send her back to Canada and tell her to do it right this time.
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    hello thread!

    Its fantastic : ) where did she go?
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    weather :D

    -15 right now .. and its not supposed to get over -10 tomorrow : (
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    hello thread!

    i'm still working on it : ( its mostly gone though!