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    Excellent!! I'm glad you're here, I was afraid I might not see you on the IMOC.
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    Shocked Thread

    Pardon my ignorance, but who the heck is Hajduk?
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    Shocked Thread

    Indeed I do!
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    Shocked Thread

    I shoved my member into an electrical socket. Shocking!
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    which is for you the best Maiden Live album

    Gonna have to go with RiR.
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    Steve's 50th birthday

    I'm only 18, and it's not my birthday, but thanks. :) Oh.
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    Of course, a day after I decide to come back, my computer dies. :shock:
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    Official Maiden BB Closure

    You just found out? :-P
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    bed time

    600d ni6h7
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    2006 Tour Dates

    If they don't come to the States, you guys won't be seeing me here anymore. Because I'll have killed myself.
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    How have y'all been? :)
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    With the closing of the IMBB, you may see me around more often :)
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    Where is Cyrus?...

    Hopefully TG knows.
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    Where is Cyrus?...

    Where's Cyrus? I haven't seen him on MSN or the IMBB in forever.
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    now thinking

    I rule!