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    Is The Hub Down

    Thanks bobo,working fine now
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    Is The Hub Down

    Still cant connect to that new address bobo
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    Is The Hub Down

    Thanks bobo
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    Is The Hub Down

    Is the hub down,havent been able to connect since yesterday morning
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    BAD TRADER ALERT!! must read!!!

    Who is this guy,has anyone else traded with him and were ripped off.Thats the thing that pisses me off with postal trading.Maiden fans are loyal and trustworthy but theres always one from time to time.I hope this post is on all the traders sites etc around the world
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    Happy New Year !!!

    Happy New Year Buddy,have a good one
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    Welcome lossless people :)

    :metal: Heres to many more years to come
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    bob where are you?

    Lol Dan
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    As you know know ive started trading again after a long while.In the process of a trade at the mo.Im glad to see the decision has been made and i promise to do a lot more around the hub.
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    Revision of membership

    Well im in the middle of setting up a ten disk trade at the moment.Im looking for stuff thats not in the hub so i can i share it.I must say its great to be trading again and hopefully bring stuff to the hub that we havent had before
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    Hubbers On Tour

    Im not going to those shows but i am going to the Newcastle show.Hopefully i'll meet up with Stevehunter.Will be good to finally meet him.Hopefully others from the hub are going to this show too
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    Revision of membership

    Why is it so quiet in the hub nowadays.Not that long ago it really active in the main chat.I take some of the blame myself as ive been away for a while and im not familiar with a lot of people in the hub now so i dont really say a lot. As far as contributing is concerned im wanting to start...
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    Revision of membership

    I too was one of the first people in the hub in fact i was one of the staff members before it all changed.I ended up working away from home for a long time and have only just moved back home a few months ago.Because of work commitments etc i had to stop trading as before that i was a regular...
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    Revision of membership

    Revision I suppose that would be a good idea.Im having to redowload stuff as my boots were stored on a external hard drive.Not sure what happened to it but i lost them all.Its a long process having to redownload them :-(. I agree it is difficult to share anything thats not already on the hub...