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    Beast On The Road Videos

    Hey all, Are there any known videos from the Beast On The Road besides the Hammersmith show? Cheers! maidensf
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    Old Registration Thread

    MP3 Hub Heyo, I'd like to join the MP3 hub... Thanks! MaidenSF
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    Old Registration Thread

    Registration Howdy! I registered a month or so ago and now I'm getting kicked from the hub for not being registered. Any ideas? Thanks,
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    your first bootleg?

    Hammersmith 83'. It was an LP that was pressed in South Africa. Missing Hallowed Be Thy Name, To Tame a Land, drum & guitar solos. I still have it and it the LPs are thick as hell!!! I also dubed the infamous NYC show off the radio. As memory serves, they played it around 10 pm (I was...
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    Hub problems?

    I haven't been able to connect all day... Not sure what the problem is...