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    IRON MAIDEN "THE FINAL FRONTIER" (novi album krajem ljeta)

    Re: IRON MAIDEN "THE FINAL FRONTIER" (novi album krajem ljet Nisi jedini :)
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    Favourite Running Song

    Run to the hills then long distance runner!
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    Favourite Album

    Seventh, Somewhere, Powerslave, then all :) I LOVE IRON MAIDEN SO MUCH!
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    Virtual XI

    Virtual XI is very good, realy. I hated that album but now... Listen : Futureal, Lighithng strikes Twice, The clansman, COMO ESTAIS AMIGO
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    Favourite Ballad (1)

    Como and wasting love!
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    What is The best maiden solo?

    Only the god die young, the evil that man do, hallowed be thy name, wasted years...
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    Song vs. Song

    Children of the Damned Futureal or Lighting strikes twice
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    The NEW random picture thread