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    What's different about Powerslave Limited Edition CD?

    Welcome to you DirkPitt :D Finally another Clive Cussler fan has joiened the forum! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
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    Me?Porn? Come on! :wink: :P Anyway I solved the problem....I had a spyware/virus called SpyFalcon and through a pc/problems-specialized forum I managed to get rid of that bastard! Thanks for the help anyway! (And for wicky: I really appreciated your pm :wink: )
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    My pc is full of spyware!!! I installed spybot-search&destroy but it doesn't seem to be working! What can I do?
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    Symphony of Destruction - Arch Enemy
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    A demo from red hot's new album:"Stadium Arcadium"...sounds great :D
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    Pretty Ladies

    Holy shit your avatar is the most enormous one I've ever seen :P
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    express your anger here

    jrkkkkejejerjfbjfdbdfjbfnfnfnjfdndwlk fuck!
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    Our life's photos

    1-We're talkin about my guitar having a bed just for her 2-He's sayin he bought a mic but he had to leave the room earlier I might just have all fucked up but I can't get the offence to anyone though :wink:
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    Our life's photos

    yea and they can both provoke an orgasm too... (just need some immagination) but still I can't get the link :P
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    Our life's photos

    What is the connection with my guitar? :roll: :wink:
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    Our life's photos

    Yea my girlfriend often complains with that! LOL LOL No in reality I just didn't know where to put it to take the pics so I put it on MY bed :wink:
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    Our life's photos

    My guitar :D
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    information, information

    Christie has lotta fans! :shock: :P :banana:
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    tha happy thread

    Some of my xmas presents: DT-A cchange of Season & falling into infinity DT DVD-LIVE SCENES from new york and LIVE AT BUDOKAN Oasis-definitely maybe A NEW PC!!!!!! :banana: :banana: Forrest Gump- i love that movie An electric guitar with a marshall amplifier- i'll post a pic of it soon...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry x-mas everyone! :) Have fun!