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    2:1/B&P trades: for those of you who have little or noth

    I can add you guys, but only after you post here your information in the format on the list.
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    does it exists?!!

    Yup. It's fake and it's my birthday. I sucker people in every month requesting a trade for it. LOL I still haven't seen if anyone else has added it to their own tour date lists or bootleg lists yet. If anyone finds it on another list, let me know!
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    Ok, what the hell happened?

    That's for sure. LOL
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    MP3 help

    Bobo, please post jpgs of the FA and SA of your recording and tell, in detail, why you think it's mp3. I was just going off on the unofficial Maiden bb about how this whole system just doesn't cut it for me because of all the ambiguities and how some say mp3, and others say not-mp3 for the same...
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    just making my face seen

    No shit! I won't be making this a regular place of mine, but you will see me pop in now and then to say hi to my buddies and do some trades. :banana:
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    New at Maiden-World - long time trader

    No shit. :D
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    just making my face seen

    I'm also on the for-pay Maiden place now. I honestly don't think $15 is too much for a stable, online community with ticket perks.
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    just making my face seen

    I'm just popping in again so other traders from the official bb that is closing can see that I support this as a quality Maiden trades site.
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    BoBo, a strange trade request

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    Tapers and traders info

    I'll take it. Anything that is simple to use is fine. If I like it, I'll probably analyze all my shows eventually since some people really are concerned about this. Just email it to me, or if you have to mail it, email me for my addy. Thanks.
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    Tapers and traders info

    Using your daughter as a mule. LOL
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    BoBo, a strange trade request

    Thanks for the help. If only I could speak the language, then I could ask them. :?
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    BoBo, a strange trade request

    I'd love to come over and visit, but that's a lot more expensive just for a beer! There's no brewery that bottles beer over there? I'd be happy to pay all the costs if you could do this.
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    BoBo, a strange trade request

    Would you be willing to trade a Croatian beer for some shows? I've never had a beer from your country.
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    bobo here please

    Well, you're doing what you can. Thanks!