most powerful album

Discussion in 'Debate' started by TheLongestWang, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. edge_of_the_wire

    edge_of_the_wire Active Member

    A Matter of Life and Death is without doubt the most powerful album to me.
  2. Vegard

    Vegard New Member

    Powerslave is pretty powerful too. POWERslave.
  3. pilotoatomico

    pilotoatomico Member

    Somewhere in Time what can i do man the best most powerful album
  4. Ed_the_Head

    Ed_the_Head New Member

    I'm really surprised no one went for this, but I'll have to say Piece of Mind. It was the first Maiden album I bought, but still. As far as most powerful metal album of all time, I would have to say Slayer's Reign in Blood. It's not really practical for most situations, though. Most people think Slayer is ridiculously hard core. So yeah, as far as Maiden, Piece of Mind for sure. Even though "Quest for Fire" is probably the weakest song in Maiden's history lyrically, it's far from their weakest musically, and that's what counts. It's metal, for shit's sake.
  5. Hmm.. It's tough.

    But I think Dance of Death (yea) is the most moving and empowering to ME.

    No More Lies, Journeyman, Age of Innocence..

    They are great. :edmetal:

    Is DoD underrated?

    Think so. :(
  6. seely

    seely Member

    Heaviest albums for me, are:

  7. seely

    seely Member

    DOD definately is underrated, one of my personal favourites.......
  8. Lakalyren

    Lakalyren New Member

    Finally somone else! GO X FACTOR!
  9. Darkman

    Darkman New Member


    Come on the first album with bruce shall always be the most powerful Maiden record and possibly most powerful album period. Second is powerslave.
  10. A$$A$$1N

    A$$A$$1N Member

    My fave lyric is not Maiden, but Bruce solo... when he sings:

    The harlot womb of death spits out its rotten core!


    For Maiden... perhaps it's If ya gonna die, if ya gonna die, if ya gonna die ya gonna die...
  11. The most powerful Iron Maiden album for me will always be Somewhere In Time closely followed by Powerslave, Piece of Mind, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and Number of the Beast
  12. A$$A$$1N

    A$$A$$1N Member

    Most powerful album? Powerslave! Number! Iron Maiden! In that order.
  13. The first album is definitely a great album and a powerful album.

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