What Are ur fav DOD tracks


Paschendale IS the BEST track. I like alot of the tracks, I don't have all the songs yet though, im waiting til Monday when i will use my £10 voucher in HMV :twisted:


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i like all the album,
though my favorite is journeyman...
i really love the accoustic and orchestra work they did here...
and the lyrics are great!!!!
To be honest I think Dance Of Death is an average Maiden album. I like it but I don't think it's their best. My favorite track is Rainmaker.


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paschendale is constitantly the track i like the most. as for the others on dod they change depending on mood i'm in. if i am in a bad mood rainmaker and wildest dreams are great, if i am happy montsegur is best......

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I really liked Rainmaker. I thought this song was perfect for a single and then it was released as a single.
But I also liked very much Wildest Dreams, No More Lies, Paschendale, Dance Of Death and Montsegur.
But the whole album is fantastic.

[]'s, Luiz.


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Mine are:

Journeyman (listening to it all the time)
Dance of death (awesome song)
Paschendale (no introduction needed)
Face in the sand (what an intro!!!!!)


Rainmaker, Montsegur, New Frontier, Paschendale, Age Of Innocence, Journeyman.

Those are my definite favourites. I was gutted about that they don´t perform Montsegur on live.. :x Such an awesome song. METAL! :metal:


How you can ask questions like this?! LOL

I don't know. Dance Of Death is/will be my long-time-favourite. But there are many good songs too like Journeyman, Face In The Sand etc..