What´s this blaimy thing when you enter HUB

Moonchild (FIN)

New Member
<Hub-Security> Welcome to the Iron Maiden MP3 Trading Hub. This is a registered users only hub! If you are some kind of leecher who shares movies, appz, gamez, and porn etc you are not welcome in this hub. This is a community dedicated to fans and collectors of Iron Maiden and heavy metal bootlegs, official stuff is not tolerated in this hub under any circumstances. If however you are serious about joining this great community, please join the forums at http://www.maiden-world.com/ and more specifically, visit this thread for info on becoming a member of the hub, :?
you need to set up a profile in the favourite hubs list, like so:
right click on the hub in the hubs list and select properties. in the identification section, enter your username and password, this will allow you to enter the hub.
Well that does me a lot of good now... I couldn't understand why it kept saying incorrect password... then it said I was banned due to possible brute force entry attempt. Guess it doesn't pay to be ignorant. (*$&(*@#