Rain of Rane


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Ok, well the first chapter's actually not to good, but here it is anyway...

This is my story, I will not tell you my name, I was in this adventure, close friends with...well you'll find out, but this began where all legends start, the begining...

Chapter 1:
The begining

The small village of Lieth, in the huge land of Ronith is full of the most unexpected heros, the story begins at a young 20 year old boys home, his name was Khris, he lived with his brother, Rane, Khris was dressed in a vest and ripped up trousers, Rane sat in his chair, jealous of his young brother, and bossed him around most of the time, Khris, at the age of 17, became master of Lightning.
Rane, in his own words, says he will get 'revenge' on his brother for 'causing him a lot of pain,
a few days later however, people knocked on Khris's door, and this is where the story begins...

At the door was a short, chubby, spotty man, most of his cheeks were covering hi mouth, he was dressed in a suit and asked Khris a simple question, "Is Rane there?", it took Khris about 10 seconds to answer "Uuh, he's busy at the moment." said Khris slowly, but the man rubbed his head and pulled out a scrool of paper "I, Chub the III, have been ordered by Sage Gong to collect Rane and take him to the elemental mountain." the man looked at Khris and Khris blinked and tried to get words out of his mouth "Uuuh, I'l go and get him, but I don't think he'll be happy." said Khris as he turned around and ran up the stairs to a narrow corridor with two doors, one of them had cuts and chips in it, the other was perfect, Khris went to the ruined door and knocked.
Khris went in and saw rain sitting in his seat with his back turned and feet on the table "What do you want!?" snapped Rane
"Well, a man called Chub the III is at the door.." before Khris could finish Rane interupted
"So?" Rane looked back at Khris
"He says Sage Gong wants to meet you at the Elemental Mountain." said Khris as he went out of the door and started cleaning the floor, Rane however got out of his seat and peeked out of the window and looked at the poor village "Maybe this is my chance to become and Elemantal Master!" said Rane walking out of the wooden door and down the stairs kicking over the bucket Khris was using to clean the floor with, he went to the door and saw Chub "Hello, I'm Rane, you wanted me?"
Rane looked down at Chub trying not to laugh "Yeth, I am taking you to Elemental Mountain, please, go in to the carrage and wait for me." Chub looked up at the tall Rane and smiled, Rane looked at Khris "I expect this floor to be done when I get back." Rane went to the carrage and sat in the back and waited for Chub.

Rane got back from Elemental Mountain and walked in the door, really proud, the only thing was, Khris was asleep, but Rane didn't care...
Rane ran up the stairs and pushed Khris's door open and pulled him out of bed "Guess what shrimp, no more 'Master of Lightning, we love you', because from now on, I'm the new Master of Rain, andthere's no way I'm going to be hated by one Liethen!" Khris looked at Rane in surprise "Ok, that's nice." Khris got up and went back into his bed and Rane went in to his room and left Khris alone.
The next morning, it was pouring of rain wich wasn't usuall to happen in Lieth, Khris went downstairs and heard lots of chattering noises, like feet, a lot of feet, walking across the floor, Khris went outside and saw people running away from something, Khris stepped outside and looked out to the hills and saw a lot of people marching, people made of water, he heard a familiar voice shouting "Halt!" Khris saw all of the people stop and put their hands by their sides, he then heard the voice again "Charge!" then the ground started shaking and the army started charging and then Khris knew who the voice belonged to, it was Rane....
.:To Be Continued:.


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Chapter 2:
The journey begins

Rane had gone power mad and tried to destroy Lieth with his new army, when Khris found out, he didn't have much time to think about it because Rane's army started to charge down to the village at full force.

Khris ran upstairs and into his room, he opened an old, chipped, wooden closet, the closet had a thin, shiny sword and a rusty pistol, Khris picked up both the weapons and then the house started to shake, Khris ran to the window and looked out to see what was happening.
Outside the window was three people from Rane's army, they were smashing into the wooden logs of the wall with huge axes.
Khris didn't know what to do and this frustrated him a little, but then some more of Rane's troops broke the bedroom door into pieces, then Khris knew what to do, he ran to the window and did a huge backflip out of the window.
While in midair Khris pulled out his pistol and shot two troops that had the axes in the head, he landed on the ground and smashed his sword right into the third troops ribs and the all turned into puddles of water.
Khris was exhausted and was waiting for the three people in the house to come down, but they never, the ground then started shaking, the shaking became bigger, Khris didn't know what it was, until he saw Rane's army run over the horizon, Khris stood there waiting for them.
Khris was then nudged by a person no older than Khris, he had a long white trench coat, the strange thing about the trench coat is it had some sort of markings, markings of Elemental Masters. The person also had blonde hair, he had black trousers and black boots.
The person continued running until he attacked some of the troops and was defedning himself from the others, another person with red hair, and the same clothes as the last person ran past, both people had swords, long swords, but this person looked slightly older, Khris turned around and saw atleast another 18 people wearing the same clothes as the first two attacking all the troops, Khris decided to help and ran forward with his sword and killed 4 troops.
Khris was knocked over by the first person he saw, the person turned around and helped him up, "Hey! I know you, you're Ranes brother, Khris isn't it?" asked the person as he attacked another troop "Yeah. Who are you?" Khris then shot another troop, "Name's Shone, Shone of the Elemental Elite." said Shone as he sliced another troop.
"Where's Rane?" asked Shone as he yet again sliced another person.
"He's controlling this army!"shouted Khris
"He wouldn't do this!" shouted Shone
"Guess what? You're wrong!" shouted a voice from behind, both Khris and Shone turned around and saw Rane.
Rane was on top of a burning hut, he then jumpd down swinging his sword to hit Shone, Shone blocked the attack and pushed Rane back and Rane yet again swung his sword, full force, at Shone, Shone ducked and kicked Rane's knees, Rane then swung his sword at Shone's Knee caps, but Khris jumped forward and blocked the sword Rane had swung.
"Back off!" Shouted Khris as he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Rane's head.
"Funny!" shouted Rane as he shot Shone in the arm, forcing Shone to the ground, Shone grabbed his arm in pain and then Khris sliced his sword across Ranes face cutting his eye. Rane escaped and his army had passed, after the battle the village was burning, broken and dirty. Khris walked over to Shone, "Hey Shone, why were you so surprised about Rane?" asked Khris.
"He as my friend, but no more I guess." Shone said sadly wiping the blood from his arm showing the pain on his face,
"Well, I'm off to go and destroy his plan, destroy him, I decided that during the battle, and I was wondering if you wanted to help?" asked Khris.
"Yeah, he'll pay for his betrayel!"

Shone and Khris had set off on their journey to stop Rane
.:To Be Continued