look who is returning


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hello all!
as you can see i was registered in this forum 10 years ago!!! back in the day when all the trading was with cds and dvds!
then came the lossless formats. which i hated at that time. not because i preferred mp3s and stuff, i do hate mp3s, but because lossless got introduced without a plan. it made very difficult to trace back to different versions of shows to say the least.

forward 10 years, and now lossless is god! i do appreciate it and i see that now people pay attention to different versions, quality formats etc, which i find fantastic!
watching iron maiden for the 10th time this summer, got my love back. not for trading like it did in the good old days, but for having in my hdd for easier access all the bootlegs that matter!!
i will register in the hub soon! my pc is always open 24/7 (apart from the few hours i play call of duty), and i am ready to share 24/7 what i download. times in Greece right now are difficult but when i find the money i plan to get a big hdd to store all bootlegs i have, and share them with the community. at some point when i find the time to categorize everything, ill try and check what bootlegs the community is missing and try and share them from the cds dvds i have! (i do hope they are ok after all those years).
my first aim will be the dmms of course. i have some already in my hdd!!

so once my dc++ account is activated i will start sharing asap.
hope i don't face any problems with dc (for some reason i always hated dc++ and never found it actually any good), but i am sure the community is helpful enough

last but not least id like to say hello and cheers to all my old trading buddies like Alejandro (vegueta), martin, Steve etc!!!
my god, all these memories make me feel like a veteran in this

cheers to all

ps. it is a pity geocities got shut down. i have my site and list somewhere in my pc stored. but if it was online perhaps people who already trade lossless a lot, could point out with a single look, which bootlegs are not in lossless yet and id get my hands in them asap

ps2. i have to cover some maiden tunes with my band (im the nicko mc brain wannabe lol). i always plan to, and never actually do lol

take care guys