Just to check who is checking this subforum ...


I check it every week or two when I remember, but it has been so dead... and I have had troubles getting DC++ to login with my new computer setup... think it is finally solved... but now the hub seems to be down? or else I now can't log in at all...


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I'm here. I've been offline for a while. As a couple of you may remember, I got divorced at the beginning of the year. Well.... I'm remarried and i moved to Wisconsin with my new wife. Things are going well, and once I get settled in in my new place, I'll have my DC++ up and running to share again.
I'm here.

I apologize for being so quiet on the hub.
I just obtained my new PC last night. Two 500GB HDs and 4GB of RAM.
I am ready to rock with the hub once again!!



hey all... haven't been on in a while... had computer problems with vista and/or my router and connecting to hub properly... haven't had time to sort it out as my wife left me and is asking for a divorce... hopefully will get things back on track here some stage... am trying to find a way to sort things out... :(