is anyone interested in Coroner?


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I'd like to offer up my Coroner collection to be available on the hub.
Coroner was a Thrash band from Zurich Switzerland in the late 1980's-early 1990's. They were on the NOISE label along with Celtic Frost.

Here is what I have:

Coroner Audio

1986 Death Cult demo
1988-02-08 Bochum Germany
1988-03-25 Altes Kino, Mels Switzerland
1989-04-16 Detroit,MI
1989-04-18 Paris, France
1989-09-07 New Haven CT
1990-05-05 London, UK
1990-09-30 Winterthur Switzerland
1991-11-07 Cincinatti, OH
1992-01-09 Milano Italy
1992-01-11 Firenze Italy
1992-01-12 Martignaccio, Italy
CLOCKWORK* demo *see notes
The Unknown -Unreleased Tracks - 1985-1995

* This is Tommy T Baron's band AFTER Coroner. This demo was released but they never got signed to a label. The band then broke up without released any full length albums. I believe this to be their ONLY studio-recorded output.

Coroner Video

Ludwisberg 1993 DVD
Orlando, FL 1989 DVD
Philadelphia 1989 - DVD
West Palm Beach, FL 1991 DVD