INSTRUCTIONS: IM Boots Soulseek Room

These instructions are for those who are interested in the Iron Maiden Bootlegs room on soulseek that has been created.

1) Download the program at:

2) Install the program on your hard drive and set ip up. Its rather easy to set up you just put in your nick name basically.

3) Open the program and you will see several boxes. In the right hand bottom box it will say "rooms" - Right click inside that box and choose refresh rooms list. It will take a couple of seconds refreshing the rooms because there are many of them. And it depends on your connection speed. Please wait until this process is finished.

4) Now click on the top of the rooms list where it says rooms, this will sort the rooms alphabetically.

5) Go down the list and choose Iron Maiden Bootlegs. You will see that there are a few users in there already. Right click on the Iron Maiden Bootleg room and choose Join Room.

6) To keep the room after you reboot or have to restart soulseek: Go to the main chat window in the room and right click in the window and choose Toggle Room Autojoin. This will put you into the room straight away after you reboot or have to restart the program.

We are trying to get the room to where there are many users to choose from, please do stay in the room when you are downloading. Also You will notice that some users are only adding people to their lists when the person comes and stays in the room. Once I've added you to my list you can download a list of users who frequent the room at different times of the day. You will find the list in my [[SOULSEEK]] folder inside the Downloads folder. Please get this list and add these people to your list. The list is updated as new users come in. There are currently 62 users that frequent the room. Post your nick name in the Soulseek thread that 7son7 started in the DC HUB or PM me with your nick name. If you don't post or PM me with your nick I won't know to add you to the list and my files are only browsed by people on my list because I run several other things. Some of the other people in the room only add you to their list when they see you in the room. I've just instated the list for download and I'm hoping that it will make things a bit easier for all involved. Once you get on if you have a problem with the program or another user not sharing with you, please PM me and let me know and I will see if I can solve the problem.



Thank you MP :banana:

This was really needed, because sometimes I have to explain to new users our community rules when they first time enter IMB room. Hopefully now people will understand basic rules before entering, still you are always welcome to ask, if needed :wink:

If you have something to add, please do so :D

Thanks a lot to everybody who had already joined and, welcome new members!
Cool, no problem. I've been getting alot of PM's about the room and thought it would be easier if eveyone could read how to get there in one place. But if anyone has any questions feel free to ask or PM me with them.

We do ask that you share something if you've got it. It doesn't have to be Iron Maiden and it doesn't have to be bootlegs, but we do prefer you share something in there. :)



New Member
May I view your room even though I am a Shn/Ape/Flac trader.
Or will it cause trouble ?



Soulseek is all-open system, so of course everybody are allowed to come IMB room and chat with us. Unfortunately you are not able to browse our files without request to join community.

So IMB room is not a community, we community members just use it for discussion with same minded Soulseek users.

Feel free to hop in and chat with us if we are around.
Gebs, everyone is allowed to come into the room. If you want to trade through soulseek just PM me your nick name on soulseek and I'll add you to the list.

I personally haven't been in there in awhile so I'm not sure its there as of now. But from what I hear you've been banned from the Iron Maiden mp3 hub on here, so I won't be adding you to my list.