hell yeah guys, my dream became as true as real life guys, i finaly saw maiden, that was my dream of my entire life, and that was also my mission for life which was see maiden. Now i dont really know what to do since i completed my mission and all my goals.


1. Make an awesome band (completed)
2. See maiden (completed)

hell yeah i completed everything guys
I'm glad you had a good time. My next Maiden mission is to hear the new songs live when they release the new album. Anyways, where did you see Iron Maiden?
edge_of_the_wire said:
metalwarrior220, I have never seen Iron Maiden before.
oh dude, you will see them one day. i always thought that seeing maiden was gonna be impossible for me, but i met the guys of my band and they said they had an empty spot in their car and they had a ticket to sell me so i bought it that same day. you just need good energy and meet a lot of people
edge_of_the_wire said:
metalwarrior220, I have never seen Iron Maiden before.
You will see Iron Maiden live. I actually missed a Bruce Dickinson concert back in September of 1997 because I didn't have a drivers license yet and no one wanted to drive to the show. My friend and I had tickets and we had a heated argument on the day of the show and everything fell through. After that I thought I would never hear another album with Bruce and Adrian on it, nevermind have a chance to see Maiden with Blaze or Bruce. However, I saw Maiden for the first time with Adrian and Bruce in 2000 with that same friend and I saw Maiden four more times since then. Don't worry, your time will come. :)
edge_of_the_wire said:
You know what, Iron Maiden never performed in my country before. We barely have Maiden fans here besides me.
where are you from edge??? you could come to toronto they always come to toronto