Favourite artwork

I'm new here, so I thought I'd start a topic.

i started listening to Maiden when I was 8 years old!! I saw the "No Prayer For The Dying" album when I was on holiday in Cyprus. I asked my Mum if she'd buy me it purely on the strength of the cover art!

So 10 years later and things havn't changed, I still love Maiden, I've now seen them twice and am soon to get my first tattoo.......Fear of the Dark eddie!!

SO come on, what is everyone's favourite Maiden artwork?


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Welcome to you Marco_Equilibrium :banana:

My fav has to be the cover for............... LIVE AFtER DEATH!!!!!!!!! :evil:
There are many great artworks from IM, but Stranger In A Strange Land and Run To The Hills (Live After Death) are my favourites


Live After Death and Powerslave -covers are my favourites. They both include so many little details and I just think they're the coolest ones.


My favourites are Seventh son of a seventh son and Piece of mind -covers. Those both are simple and still good looking. :roll:
Yeah, they really need to bring back their original artist.

I did think Brave New Worlds artwork was very cool, but Dance Of Death's cover would have looked so much better if all the people we're drawn by hand rather than computer.

my favourite cover is probably Fear of the Dark


Yeah, it's funny that everyone is whining "We want Derek back in action", but look at this and think again. If he some day makes another Maiden-cover, he really should take his pencils and throw his computer out of the window.
I agree. But look at The Angel And The Gambler (that one with the card game), that is a great drawing from Riggs, and is´t not made only on the computer, but the computer is used to make better the colors and the lines.


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My favourite pic is the seventh son of a seventh son, where Eddie is writing and theres a crystalball in front of him..


I like the hidden messages of Somewhere in Time & Powerslave, but I also like Fear of the Dark cover and Live after Death has also superb cover.


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My favorite is Brave New world's cover, but I like pretty much all the artwork (DoD is a little too 'bright' for me though).


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Somewhere in time is really nice with a lot of details about songs and
history of MAIDEN (the ruskin arms, charlotte and many overs)

Ilike the ambiance 'BLADE RUNNER' and see Eddie to be the killer of the
modern age is really excellent.

When I was young, I splent a long time to look at this sleeve.



From albums, maybe Somewhere in Time is the one. With all the details and stuff. It magnificant. Stranger in a Strange Land is quite nice too.

Thou I like The Evil That Men Do and the Clairvoyant a lot too. Have both of those flags on my wall. So as SIATL. :)