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Etcher is one of the leading software in the industry of bootable USB applications that embodies a fundamental interface for users to enjoy. Etcher enables users to perform file transfers of these file density where hard drives are relied upon. More so than the fundamental functions of a bootable USB applications, balenaEtcher provides flexibility for all sorts of users who own various PCs or devices which use a variety of operating systems such as Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS. Etcher is just one of many applications that lets one create a bootable USB system, and it's one of the best to achieve that.


Currently, the following balenaEtcher versions are available on their website here.

  • Balena Etcher Windows (x86|x64) (Installer)
  • Balena Etcher Windows (x86|x64) (Portable)
  • Balena Etcher Linux x64 (64-bit) (AppImage)
  • Balena Etcher Linux x86 (32-bit) (AppImage)
  • Balena Etcher macOS DMG (x86|x64)