does it exists?!!


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hi there again!

i was wondering around the net and i found this on the site of some maiden trader:

Early Ruskin - London, UK - 27 Feb 78
6/10 sound quality. *Paul yells for a beer at the end of the song. One guitar lineup with Dave Murray. This is the earliest live recording of the band. Show crackles a bit.

Is this real? If it is than this is treasure! :)
does anyone have it? maybe share it on our hub :)

see ya
hhehehehehe lol !

you were right bout the site, tay666 ... it`s the Ryan`s one...

really good joke! lol
Yup. It's fake and it's my birthday. I sucker people in every month requesting a trade for it. LOL I still haven't seen if anyone else has added it to their own tour date lists or bootleg lists yet. If anyone finds it on another list, let me know!
Anyway, at February 1978 Paul Di'Anno still wasn't in the band. However this is the correct date for the keyboardist's gig. His first and only time!