Dave Mustaine vs. Kirk Hammet

Of the big 4, who's the master of thrash guitar?

  • Kirk Hammet (Metallica)

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  • Kerry King (Slayer)

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  • Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

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I'm going to leave my opinion on this for later, but I was curious as to your opinions on these guys and their relationship to eachother. For some background, Dave pretty much set the stage for early Metallica, and there is no doubt that Kirk Hammet got famous (perhaps more so than Dave himself) playing Dave's shit.

-Edit- Up at the poll, there was supposed to be a fourth pick- Danny Spitz of Anthrax. I guess three choices is the most you can have, though. Sorry, Dan. That's what you get for being at the cutting edge of rap rock, I guess.
Gotta go with Kirk. I don't know any Megadeth songs other than "Kick the Chair" and "Hangar 18", but I know lots of Metallica's stuff.


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Gotta be kirk :headbang:, iv never liked dave, his playing style and esp vocals but got nothing against those who do like him
I personally think Megadeth is a beeter band, only because they aren't so thrashy. They have more song variance than Metallica.

But trust me I love them both