I have Give Me Ed Helsinki 2003 (fuckin´ great), Bercy (shitty) and Waldrock 2003 (hmmm...) covers. Send me a pm if you want them and I´ll mail them to ya.
Oh, shit. The files I sent were way too big for hotmail. For example, Helsinki covers are 1,6 mb. Hotmail account limit is about 2 mb. I´ll send you again only one cover at a time. I guess you haven´t any other e-mail accounts?
I´ll try tomorrow again, ´coz gotta go to wank my wife now (hooray!). I sent the Helsinki front cover to your Hotmail account. I think it got to you. Rest of the covers that i sent to your other mail didn´t get to you.


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i have loads of various maiden covers in zipped files per year if anyone is able to take 'em i am happy to email some :twisted: