band you like but are shamed to admit it


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Cyrus said:
Why would anybody be ashamed of bands they like? :?
:? I dunno. I am not really ashamed of any bands I like. I know people will poke fun at me- but fuck 'em :x

I also really like The Mary Jane Girls and Rick James :D


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Bands you like that you are Embarresed about?

KoRN,Linkin Park :oops:

EDIT:ha ha I took of your orange writing ha ha LOL


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Re: Bands you like that you are Embarresed about?

The#2RY said:
KoRN,Linkin Park :oops:

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"Bands you like that you are Embarresed about" :roll: Never Learn!!!
Note to The#....Use the search option :D
well you will learn better...i hope
I listened to a J-rock band like The yellow monkey. They are basically hair-metal type of band but have these guitar harmonies like maidens. They are the band that introduced me to maiden. They covered Wrathchild and after hearing it i was curious but did not check maiden out. Then years later i discovered the gods.

I also liked Nirvana but never ashamed of it. I even argued with an IMBB'er in the fightbox, defending them.