2:1/B&P trades: for those of you who have little or noth


If you want to get your collection started (or just fatter), here's a list of people who are willing to help you out with 2:1/B&P trades:


Also, here's some advice for new traders (and old) from tay666 and myself:

1. Trade for shows that you know other traders don't have. This gives you more opportunities for trades!
2. Make sure to read the rules before conducting a trade. Some people are very picky, and if you mess up a trade because you didn't read the rules, you are liable to be put on someone's bad traders list.
3. Make a website! A website is a great way to advertize what you've got. Emailing lists is very cumbersome.
4. Let people know where you are from by posting your location in your bb profile or in your emails. Most people are more likely to trade with someone close to home than not because trading within your own country is faster, cheaper, and more reliable since postal services across countries can be a hassle.
5. Send a note with your trade that includes who you are, your address, and what shows you are expectin in return (if applicable). Some people get so many emails that they forget the who/what/where/why of the trade! So, if you include a note, you refresh their memory!
6. Make sure to communicate well. Most bad trades are from a lack of communications (people not responding to emails). At the same time, don't be a pissant and email someone everyday about when your shows are going to come in. Trades take time.