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    Bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour so far!

    Here is a list of all bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour available in the lossless Iron Maiden bootleg hub on DC++: 2008-02-04 - Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia [Navigator] 2008-02-04 - Perth [MT) 2008-02-06 - Melbourne, AUS [MortDansant] 2008-02-06 - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne...
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    New trading category in the new lossless Bootleg Hub forum

    For all traders, if have created a own trading category in the forum. There you can introduce your trading sites and/or arrange trades.
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    Mp3 hub is a lossless Hub! New rules and Registration Update

    I just want to inform you that the old mp 3 hub has changed to a lossless hub! I´m sorry for all mp3 users , but I had to go that step. If you want to go this step with me, you are all invited, but without mp3s! So this are the new rules for "SOMWHERE BACK ON THE HUB": By entering the hub you...
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    Hub is down right now because of server problems!

    Hello all, the server where the hub address is hosted is down at the moment. So right now the dynamic ip address update doesn´t work. For that reason the hub is down at the moment. We are hoping that the server is up soon again. Sorry for that! :oops: Cheers Thommie
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    Possible downtime cause of connection problems

    Hopefully Lord-Death has solved his connection problems. If not, the hub might be down for about 12 hours. I can´t host it when I´m at work. Thanks for your understanding! Cheers Tommy
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    I won´t be in the hub for a short time

    Hello all, unfortunally I have problems with my ISP. My broadband connection port got lost for some reasons, which nobody can tell me why. So everything has to be done new. And that will last about 6 to 12 days shortest. I am temporary online with shitty modem to write you this mail. So...
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    *SPOILER* My pics from Rock Im Park are online

    I have uploaded the best pics I shot last sunday from the IRON MAIDEN show at ROCK IM PARK! There are 93 pics total. You just have to change the number in the link from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 .... to 93. And here it is: And thanks to...
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    Hub problems at the moment!!!

    We have some connection problems in with the hub at the moment! So if you can´t connect please have patience! We hope that we have solved it as soon as possible! Cheers Thommie
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    To all who got kicked yesterday by me!

    Hello all! To all who have been kicked yesterday by me: It wasn´t me! Somebody stole my nick and pass! I was at a concert yesterday! But as we log the ips I found who it was! It was silent_planer!!! He tried to be a little script kiddie! His ass is banned forever in the hub now! You can all...
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    Slow Upload and Downloadspeed??? MP3 Hub Problem???

    The last days I get really small upload and downloadspeed between 20 and 900 B/s! I checked and tested my connection and it´s ok! So it seems to be a problem with DC and the mp3 hub! :? Can anybody tell me what it is??? :?
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    Hub down again???

    What´s going on? :( The trading hub is down again today? Connection timed out! :?