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    can t connect to hub

    it says that i m not a memeber need to refresh my account ?? thanks
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    soundboard from japan 81

    according to the master list osaka 81 is the only show that we're sure of the recording and date but i don't have it there's a pretty good soundboard recording which is easy to find which show is it , the one used for maiden japan or another show from that year?
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    osaka 81

    looking for it ( 22/05/81 ) on the hub thanks
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    before the exile

    great show but the last two songs are from what ? women in uniform and i'vegot the fire thanks
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    how to recognize this show

    ok paul may annouced the marquee run in july what a bloody british speaking , can't understand all can't understand anything about the lead gutars and vocals he said doesn t looks like adrain does dennis stratton got a nickname at this time ? track listing ides of march sanctuary...
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    how to recognize this show

    that's what i thought but impossible with stratton on guitars
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    how to recognize this show

    track listing appear to be ok for 20 june 80 but i found exactly the same show for 19 december 80 after sanctuary , paul said good evening london , during the show speak about 3 nights a the marquee he introduce the band , i don't understand the first name on guitar , may be dennis stratton...
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    Rare boots ?

    looking for those boots rare? anyone got them or saw them on the net ? 17/09/79 13/03/80 14/04/80 16/06/80 26/06/80 02/09/80 04/10/80 05/10/80
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    Glasgow 81

    just after sanctuary paul said good evening london !! and during the show he said " marquee" so that's a fake
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    Glasgow 81

    yes ! i have to listen it if paul who's talking to the audience gives me a clue
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    Glasgow 81

    this show appears to never been taped sounds good it's titled glasgow 8 march 81 is it a fake ? according to this page never recorded thanks for your answer