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  1. Nomad2358

    Bands from who you like only one song

    Breath Into Me by RED
  2. Nomad2358

    favourete old maiden songs

    Prowler or Phamtom
  3. Nomad2358

    English premier league

    We did well aginst man city..................... NOT
  4. Nomad2358

    What is The best maiden solo?

    Phantom all of them
  5. Nomad2358

    Worst Maiden Song

    Holy Smoke i just hate it
  6. Nomad2358

    Now Playing

    Kings of Dawn by Fade :blaze:
  7. Nomad2358

    Machine Head covers Hallowed be thy name

    I like it but it will never beat Maiden
  8. Nomad2358

    megadeth or metalica?

    Its a hard 1 but Megadeath 4 me
  9. Nomad2358

    English premier league

    Yes it was a good game but that free kick was just perfect but we play u again so lets wait and see :evil:
  10. Nomad2358

    Best Bruce Dickinson solo album?

    Studio: Chemical Wedding Live: Scream For Brazil
  11. Nomad2358

    El Dorado - Opinions?!

    Realy not my Fave but not the worst my least fave is Starblind
  12. Nomad2358

    English premier league

    Is it liverpool and Man U on 18 EPL titles each or is Man U beating the liverpudliens
  13. Nomad2358

    Favourite Maiden Album?

    Dace of death :edmetal:
  14. Nomad2358

    English premier league

    Go Man U :evil:
  15. Nomad2358

    Iron Maiden T-Shirts!

    I like my The clansman Tee