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    Links to Other Websites

    If you are looking for lossless boots and maiden covers visit We also have our own torrent tracker
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    Lots Of Maiden Covers!!!

    Sorry mate!! :(
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    Lots Of Maiden Covers!!!

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    bootleg "Early Years"

    Here is the info i have on the boot CD Natural Disaster nadcd002 Pressed In Italy Track 1 to 3 - The Soundhouse Tapes, 31.12.1978 Track 4, 5, 7 & 10 - London, Marquee Club, 3.7.1980 Track 6, 8 & 9 - Nagoya, Kosei Nenkin Hall, Japan, 23.5.1981 Track 11 to 15 - Reading Festival, UK, 23.8.190
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    Lossless Iron Maiden hub

    i wanna join
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    Bootleg Covers

    You can take a look at my site and take covers from there if you're interested. they are made by me so they ain't the best ones in the world
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    New Covers On My Site

    Rainbow Theatre 20.6.1980 Philadelphia 12.10.1982 Leicester 20.9.1984 Quebec 26.11.1984 Chicago 21.12.1984 Nottingham 20.10.1986 Gothenburg 15.11.1986 Philadelphia 13.1.1987 Donington 20.8.1988 Hammersmith 12.12.1988 Gothenburg 1.11.1995 SFX Brave New World Radio Special 2000 Chile 15.1.2001...
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    links please

    Try But keep on visiting
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    What do you want in my share (Part 1)

    1996-08-31 Buenos Aires Argentina VIDEO i've only got part 1
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    I have made a cover section on my site I 've designed the covers myself. Many more to come
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    your first bootleg?

    I tink it was THE TIME CONQUERORS Palasport Reggio Emilia 31.3.1981 on LP
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    Maiden Norway

    Sorry, but i haven't got it.
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    The New Site Project (Read & Comment!)

    You can find some info on my site
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    Oslo 2003-07-02 1st night Flac version added

    Re: file To bad, i really wanted those shows :cry: Have you tried to remove the 4track and access the hub again
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    Maiden & related in Norway

    Does anyone know if the Maiden concert 13.10.1980 exits on bootleg, and are there any recordings of Pauld Di'Annos "Running Free In Norway Tour" ?