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  1. Prisoner666

    The BIG POLL about the setlist.

    I don't like
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    LAD question

    Is this photo ?
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    LAD question

    :? don't know. sorry Axy, but your counter doesn't work very well . . . :wink:
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    set list tour 2006

    I think this is a fake setlist . . . but i think that the true setlist will more or less like this. lot of songs from the new album, since 2000 2 or 3 more, from Blaze one. wratchild, trooper, number of the beast, halloweed, fear of the dark. i would like they play Prisoner or Children of...
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    So the new album has been leaked online...

    DIFFERENT WORLD (Smith/Harris) 4.17 You lead me on the path Keep showing me the way I feel a little lost A little strange today I think I'll take a hold Of whatever comes my way Then we'll see what happens Take it day by day I thought I had it all I had it all worked out Just...
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    So the new album has been leaked online...

    My favorites are FTGGOG and TCDR. FTGGOG reminds me Judgement of Heaven but longer, more complicated and epic. For me the weak tracks are OOTS and TP. Overall is a great album, better than DOD but i dont think is better than BNW. He gave his life for us he fell upon the cross To...
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    Dickinson Airlifts Beirut Evacuees

    Bruce is a hero
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    The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg

    Great song, great production, finally we can heard Harris bass, amazing solo by Dave. I think the new album will be the best from Seventh Son.
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    The 30 Years of the Beast ... e&n=266239
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    Dickinson Airlifts Beirut Evacuees

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    New album artwork posted...

    Great cover, but i wish a bigger Eddie.
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    Best all time song (Iron Maiden)

    Phantom and Prowler
  13. Prisoner666

    Best all time song (Powerslave)

    Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave
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    Best all time song (The X Factor)

    Jugement of heaven is waiting for me
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    Best all time song (No Prayer For The Dying)

    No prayer . . . the song.
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    favourete old maiden songs

    The trooper Killers Phamtom Halloweed To tame a land
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    best all time song (Peice Of Mind)

    The song about the british soldier
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    What is The best maiden solo?

    The Trooper, Both Adrian and Dave solos
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    Stranger in a Strange Land vs The Evil that Men Do

    The evil that men do lives on an on
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    Iron Maiden Our Photo Galery

    This wallpaper is made from the people of maidenfans