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    It happened on August 16th, 2007

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    Just to check who is checking this subforum ...

    Just back from vacation... But now I'm here too :banana:
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    Welcome lossless people :)

    I feel that it's just started, time flies so fast :)
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    Revision of membership

    Well said both Zak and Seb. I didn't get last warning or anything but I felt bad, because of very quiet beginning of the year. So just now I can do trades and contribute, but it get of my hands and now I get great amount of dvds LOL Whatever the reason is, it's great to see the hub live...
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    Exact like my thoughts! I'm very happy that I can be part of this community (from its start). There is always excuses (I have them too), but in this case is important what members do in future. This whole thing has made hub live again :)
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    If you read the other thread you see there are plenty of for example DVD shows that are not shared in hub. Hub don't have every bootleg in circulation... Ok, it's maybe harder to find new ones, but not impossible. There is always upgrades, new sources etc. The reason "it's hard to find new ones"...
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    Revision of membership

    In my opinion it's not funny that only about 20% of members have answered to this thread :?
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    Revision of membership

    Seb said it all here, I totally agree. There is always upgrades, new sources, different versions, etc available. You just need to find them. In some cases it's very easy to find, for example in Dime can found tapers realeses of uncirculated or new sourced shows. Take it from Dime and share it in...
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    Revision of membership

    Hello. Good points Bobo and Seb. As speaking for myself, I have been very quiet due to authorities problems here in my country. But I think now I can do little more for hub. There are fe. many dvd's on the incoming list which are very old adds. Is it okay to realese them? Many of members...
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    Are these tracks available?

    The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner is played once in Belgrade 86, others have never been played live.
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    LAD 85, Maiden England 88, Donington 92 Laserdisc XP DVDs!

    I think that Donington 92 is realesed only in VHS format. I didn't have seen any official realeses of it on DVD. Anyone knows more info about it?
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    Hub problem ?

    Same here ead, something wrong with hub.
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    Lesson 1: MD5 checking

    I'm the part of the crime here. I did'nt check it it, because it had no md5 in it. Now i know what to do. Nooooooob me....
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    HUB down?

    Hope so, we're so addicted :D
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    HUB down?

    Same here. I think it's down.
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    Away from march 25th until april 11th

    Happy holidays BoBo!
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    Please help me complete my DMM lossless collection.

    Just wondering what's the problem with this?
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    How to burn a DVD downloaded from the hub?

    I use Winrar. Don't remember where I get it, try google :)
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    How to burn a DVD downloaded from the hub?

    Unrar files and you got proper files for burning.
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    TEMP HUB from 2004-11-24

    You have it in your favourites hub allright? Open favourites.xml in your DC++ program folder and you see what is password.