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    favourite album

    My favourite Maiden album is The Number of the Beast. Why? Because they are great songs all the time, great solos and amazing lyrics.
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    Now Playing

    Die With You Boots On. Chorus is the best.
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    Song vs. Song

    Revelations Iron Maiden vs The Clairvoyant
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    All time favorite song?

    Hallowed Be Thy Name. Amazing song, amazing melody, lyrics and solos. Masterpiece.
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    Iron Maiden Our Photo Galery

    Ok. I can't stop laughing. Nicko and Janick in Flight 666 :D Young Nicko McBrain. Mwhahahaha. Janick and Nicko. Classic Rock Roll Honour.
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    What is The best maiden solo?

    The Best Iron Maiden solos is from The Trooper(Smith and Murray), Aces High(Smith and Murray), Hallowed Be Thy Name(Murray and Smith(Gers)) and Sign Of The Cross[Rock In Rio(Murray)] They are amazing guitarists and his solos.
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    Member's Favourite Song of the Day

    Still Life - Piece Of Mind Take a look in the pool and what do you see In the dark depths there faces beckoning me Can't you see them it's plain for all to see They were there oh I know you don't believe me. Oh...I've never felt so strange But...I'm not going insane. I've no doubt that...
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    Song vs. Song

    I think, For the Greater Good of God. The Trooper vs Aces High.