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    What is The best maiden solo?

    This one is pretty much impossible to answer, but, I'll say that 'PRODIGAL SON' has some great stuff in there. 'THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE' must be mentioned as well.
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    Favorite PART of a Maiden song.

    DOH! I really like that song. :P
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    Favorite PART of a Maiden song.

    How about the backing vocals in 'Powerslave'? The best there is.
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    Best Bruce Dickinson solo album?

    Tattooed Millionaire is really neat. Jan did a great job on that. Chemical Wedding is a little too on the satanic side to truly enjoy with peace.
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    Your top five favourite iron maiden songs

    This could change. Sometimes I listen to something off of 'Piece', and it sounds so pretty. Sometimes I pull out a rare, forgotten track and get totally blown-away. Sometimes a "hit" on one of their live dvd's will be very exciting and satisfying, even tho I may have heard it a million times...
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    Favorite PART of a Maiden song.

    Post your favorite PART of any Iron Maiden song. I'll start with the fantastic interlude towards the end of 'The Thin Line Between Love And Hate'. That is one awesome section of music. (And that includes Bruce. He's in that part too)
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    All time favorite song?

    If I had to pin it down to 1, I don't think that I could. So, the best I can post is: 'Strange World' 'Remember Tomorrow' 'New Frontier' 'The Assassin' Anything off of 'Seventh Son' There is also the fantastic song, 'The Legacy'. Too tough, tho, really.
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    Worst Maiden Song

    Is there a bad Maiden song? :P Guess I would have to make a list of most awesome to least awesome and then post the last one listed. That would be very difficult.
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    Favourite song intro

    Tell you what, 'Satellite 15...' absolutely stunned me the other day. It was, finally my first listen (been saving it up), and I was completely blown-away! Not only was the sound incredibly cool, but Nicko has just gone up yet another click in greatness. So, there you have it. 'Satellite...
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    Favourite Maiden Album?

    There are so many, as you all know. For a long time it was, for me, 'Somewhere In Time'. Then, for a very long time, it was 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son'. For the last 6 or so years tho, it has been :edlighter: 'DANCE OF DEATH'. :edlighter: To me, 'Dance' is loaded with all of the...
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    favourete old maiden songs

    'STRANGE WORLD' 'REMEMBER TOMORROW' 'PROWLER' 'PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' Ever watched / listened to the awesome live version of 'Remember Tomorrow' (Gothenburg)? Enjoy: