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    I will be back soon....

    my best wishes to all :wink: I'm back in the north so i say you bye bye to all. I'm leaving right now so not time to write to you a lot :| but I love you :grouphug:
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    I'm just a bit ashamed

    I was quietly collecting some leaf in the garden when the door of the veranda closed :x Any other door was opened :cross:, any key with me. I called my dad to his job, he had to do 80 km to open the door :oops: :oops: I say that before dad. Otherwise the words could be distorted :P
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    your advices about matches

    i 'd like to know your prognosis about matches of tomorrow France - Poland Germany - Cameroun Italy - Finland Slovaquie - Slovenie Scotland - Sweden Spain - England and Turkey - Ukraine
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    favorite console games

    it's hard :P
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    your's inside

    tomorrow morning i sleep until 12:00 :oops: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
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    Early days - part 1

    2 days and it's good :banana: :banana: :banana:
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    CoNtInUe ThE sOnG.......

    LOL (the ghost of the navigator) I have sailed to many lands, now I make my final journey On the bow I stand, west is where I go Through the night I plough, still my heart, calculate and pray.........
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    eh guy come here: [Link Edited - Jon] pass the message :)
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    eh guysssss come on: [link removed]
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    waiting thread

    i want to see my father here i want to see my father here i want to see my father here i want to see my father here i want to see my father here i want to see my father here
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    French Football league

    ....other that the bloody "Schumacher thread" :x Le Havre won 3-1 against Reims :D :banana: :banana: 1st at the plaçing :D of 2nd ligue :oops:
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    Hard/Rock Forum

    come here: my forum :wink:
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    come in to my lair
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    Happy Birthday Frenchy (the BB'er formerly known as nomad)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FATHER ..................................... :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: I LOVE YOU :D you couldn't read this message today :( but it's not grave :wink:
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    Why Metalprincess639 was able to put an avatar more bigger than 100x100?
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    French conversation only

    Bienvenue chez moi :D
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    the small text thread

    boring like the others :D
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    what sport do you play or what sport would you like to play?

    hanball :banana: :banana:
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    Olympic Games 2004

    Olympic Games - *Calendar August 2004* ... ea12.shtml
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    Can an other band become famous and also good than Maiden?

    for me i don't think but i hope really!!! and you????