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  1. Prodigal_son

    Holland vs Sweden(results)

    Holland won on penalties. 6-5 The match is a thriller!! on Ex time, Sweden struck the post 2 times with Ljungberg and Larsson. I hope Holland won and they won!! :banana:
  2. Prodigal_son

    I'm depressed

    Surfing the IMBB and into fightbox, these people either hated muslims or hated US. What is sad is seeing Iron Maiden fans settle their differences in races or opinions by cursing each other. The only thing the fightbox section did is to create rift among Maiden fans which is depressing to see...
  3. Prodigal_son

    English premier league

    Predict the top 5 teams at the end of the season 1.ARSEnal 2.Man Utd 3.Chelsea 4.Newcastle 5.Liverpool i know there are some football fans here! :wink:
  4. Prodigal_son

    Happy birthday painkiller!!!!!

    Happy birthday painkiller!!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :bananarock:
  5. Prodigal_son

    Latest iilegal stuff you just done

    I "accidently" ran over an old lady with my bicycle :evil:
  6. Prodigal_son


    Prodigal_son is back!!! It is really hard during the 3 days the website is down. I searched for website with cool forums but none came out decent. I sat in front of my computer crying and prayed. It was lucky that Maiden-World started to resume as normal but i was shocked to see that all...