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    Final Frontier expectations..

    Killer cd!Blew me away. Cant stop playing it. :metal: :metal: :edlighter:
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    Favourite Ballad (2)

    Coming home. Great solos sorry. :banana:
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    Best new maiden cd?

    The store i went to only had the new one the final frontier and i think it is great!If the others are as good i have alot of great music to come.I hand wondered why nicko had went from sonors to premier drums now i know why his tom sound is out of this world!Nicko rules. :edmetal:When the wild...
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    El Dorado - Opinions?!

    I like the song.But then again i like the whole cd. :edlighter:
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    A 24 ounce budwiser tallboy and a double shot of canandian gold whiskey.Yummy what the heck its the weekend no work time for grilling out and watching football and breaking out the maiden cds.Thats how we do it in the usa.I have a friend leo who lives in denmark i beleave they spell it danmark...
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    Best new maiden cd?

    I lost track of maiden when bruce left.I guess i didnt give the blaze cds much of a chance.But was really getting into bruces solo stuff and even more when adrian joined him.I have been looking around this site to read what people are saying about the new maiden cds since they rejoined.In time i...
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    Favorite Eddy Look!

    Killers.But their all very good.I never looked into it.But did the same artist draw all the eddys.If so thats one very talented artist! :edlighter:
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    Worst Maiden Song

    Your right paul did a great job with maiden.Sorry for the mistake. :oops:
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    Worst Maiden Song

    All the blaze cds. I had them and sold them.Its not maiden without bruce!! :evil:
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    Best track on dvd visions of the beast

    They are all great but if i had to pick one it would be. Infinite dreams!! :edlighter:
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    Song vs. Song

    Where eagles dare,and the masterpiece rime of the ancient mariner.I know you said two but have to add one more. Hallowed be thy name. :edlighter:
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    How many times have YOU seen Maiden live?

    I have seen them three times live.I really wish i would seen them more.But the shows i did see were great!!!! :metal: