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    Manchester gig

    Grr i just about finished it with photos and i x'd it by accident =( So anyway, it was my first maiden gig and after it me and my mate were just speechless and didn't know what to say about it, it was unbelievable! We managed to get to the very front because there was a group of girls...
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    Just a quick question

    Hiya everyone, i know there's a thread asking about maiden gigs but well I have standing tickets for Manchester and was just wondering if people go all mad and do all that pushing each other deliberately (why anyone would wanna do that at any gig i do not know :? ) but yeah it's my first...
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    Different World.. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

    Hi guys, was just wondering what you thought of these 2 songs? I think Different World is amazing! :banana: xxx