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  1. Maniac618

    bloody disconnected sorry BoBo.

    LOL You can delete this now, I'll speak to you soon. Actually, why didn'y I just send you a pm. :banana: It says my nick is taken :roll:
  2. Maniac618

    40,000 post!

  3. Maniac618

    I just bought Biceps Of Steel by Samson (featuring bruce)

    It's rubbish because of the running time. Buy it if you want to see some early Bruce footage, but it's only 15 min long :( Still not too bad I guess. 1 more for the "collection". :banana:
  4. Maniac618

    If your Lossless account has been deleted, appeal here......

    Right guys, A lot of you have had your accounts deleted because you have not contributed to the hub with new boots, or you have not submitted bootleg reviews for maiden-world. If you have a problem with that, or want to prove that you are more than just a leecher, then post here and we will...
  5. Maniac618

    I have DUBLIN & MANCHESTER 2003, soon to be in the hub!

    I will upload them to BoBo and he will share for me at high speed! :banana:
  6. Maniac618

    Connection problems server-side?????

    Are there problems with the server that the hub is on? I keep getting disconnected and timeouts, and when i do get on, it is very very slow. :shock: :?
  7. Maniac618

    I've lost all the access details....

    Whats the address again please? I've gone and deleted it as a favourite connection by accident :roll: Also, how can we solve the "your username is already taken" problem?
  8. Maniac618


    1. Wildest Dreams 2. Can I Play With Madness 3. The Trooper 4. Dance Of Death 5. Rainmaker 6. Brave New World 7. Paschendale 8. Lord Of The Flies 9. No More Lies (Eddie-reaper between H's and Jan's solos) 10. Hallowed Be Thy Name 11. Fear Of The Dark 12. Iron Maiden ENCORES: 13. Journeyman...
  9. Maniac618


    Its under the new management of The_Assassin permanently. My hub could no longer run for long hours due to my brother needing a good night's sleep. Thanks to The_Assassin the trading can continue at the new address of 24/7 (except for restarts when you will be required...
  10. Maniac618

    Is the apparently final album cover good or bad?

    I personally think it could look alot better and is the work of an unskilled artist. I also believe that its not the final version that we will see on sept. 8th.
  11. Maniac618

    Queen Mary's College 1988 Secret Gig (D.M.M. version) - SHN

    Queen Mary's College 1988 Secret Gig (D.M.M. version) - SHN Currently in my share!