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    Iced Earth- When The Eagle Cries
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    Graspop 2005

    I got my ticket :D
  3. Iron Monster

    you know what...... i'm happy

    I got the AOR limited edition AND I LOVE IT
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    Suggest a CD

    Well I'm looking for a Cruë and Twisted Sister and dream theater cd
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    Graspop 2005

    Jep that's right I'll be there the 3 days :D But I haven't found a shop yet that sells the tickets but as soon as I find a ticket I'll buy it :p
  6. Iron Monster

    Graspop 2005

    I'll be there :D :banana:
  7. Iron Monster

    RHC666 vs Avril Lavigne

    hahahaha...why??? :D
  8. Iron Monster

    Clive Aid at The Ruskin Arms - check it out!

    MS??? You aren't talking about MicroSoft right... :evil:
  9. Iron Monster

    RHC666 vs Avril Lavigne

    Oh, I can't believe I didn't see this topic before...then again I have been pretty busy this last few months Great thread :D
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    none here, but I'm just 16 so I still have much time left :D I'm planning to get alteast 3 :evil:
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    I'm back!

    Oh you were gone :P Sleep well m8
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    Queens- TIe your mother down
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    Dream Cars

    I know :evil:
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    Dimebag Darrell shot and killed on stage (news)

    OMG, very very sad news :(
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    Lady In Black- Uriah Heep live
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    Poet's Justice- Uriah Heep
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    Friends >=@

    whahahah, kids ;) I don't have alot to say right now about that subject but I might in the future, good thread
  18. Iron Monster

    Dream Cars

    Well I have alot of favorite cars I love the murcielago: Porsche 911 (993) TurboS: But most of all I'd want an ENZO
  19. Iron Monster

    information, information

    I'm not a big dream theater fan...
  20. Iron Monster


    I get the same one :err: