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    Just to check who is checking this subforum ...

    anyone here? its been a while...
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    It happened on August 16th, 2007

    WOW thats awsome congrats bob & vic best wishes from brazil :D
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    bob where are you?

    hey man everything ok? where are you?? i cant destroy all rush fans alone!!! :D :evil:
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    of course ppl have the right to know "why" they had their accounts deleted but c'mon, we're not kids anymore and we know what we've been doing for the hub getting bigjer as an example.. mate, youre at the hub for a long time now, and couldnt you share at least 1, ONE bootleg? from any band...
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    i didnt got the "buying" issue i mean, you dont have to share only silver pressed bootlegs, you can trade "normal" bootlegs.. and at the other thread, if you read it, me and others gave examples about many other ways to contribute with the hub.. only sharing downloaded stuff is not enough IMO
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    Revision of membership

    yeah i know seb i was just giving an example on how to contribute if you think its "too hard" to find new maiden boots you know.. sharing other bands, TAPING (exciting thing :D), creating artwork, menus, authoring dvds, MWL, talking at the main chat :banana:
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    Revision of membership

    nice issue as i said, it must be hard to find non-mp3, upgrades, new versions of MAIDEN stuff that we don't have yet at the hub as we have almost everything thats out there.. BUT there are LOTS of people interested in other bands (mostly MEGADETH, JUDAS PRIEST, BLAZE, DIANNO, METALLICA) wich...
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    Revision of membership

    nice to see brazilian guys participating here! :D
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    Revision of membership

    i dont think that ammount of GB would work its too easy to leech 20GB and then keep it shared forever the same shows number of releases is the most important thing IMHO, there are some guys that dont share anything since the begining of 2004, 2 years without sharing anything is pretty bad...
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    Hubbers On Tour

    that made me really sad :( and angry :x cause theyre not touring down here this time
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    Revision of membership

    i was thinking about the main chat thing well, i guess i can consider myself a "friend" of some guys at the hub and im sure that if i grab something of their shares they wont be pissed with me, even if im not sharing anything atm some guys are leechers and dont even try to talk and make some...
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    Revision of membership

    i know what you mean i think that you, as the hub "owner", only put guys there that are supposed to never think that theyve done "too much" or "enough".. but it seems its not working like that
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    Revision of membership

    as bob said its too difficult to define what is really "contributing" or not someone that has shared 3 "special ultra rare" dvds or 2 or 3 master recordings could think he has done too much already for the hub sharing that.. and if you say "you wont come here anymore" the person will get...
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    Revision of membership

    well, im one of the oldest members of the hub and ill stay there leeching :D but seriously, as im not trading that much anymore i only shared some other bands DVDs in the past few months.. and actually i didnt grab much stuff from the hub anyways but i intend to tape and share stuff at the...
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    THe eyes are upon you....

    nice new logo LGP :D
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    2005-xx-xx Hunters Strike Twice DVD available for trade ...

    noone asked me for covers! :x lol just share the pics and i'll work on them :D
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    just making my face seen

    welcome guys! :D
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    I'm here too

    hi phil, nice to see you here mate :D
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    Little history lesson

    Where's Tesside? And hell yeah, I remember that :D
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    MEGADETH 2005 shows - do we have these?

    Boston 2004-11-13 Dublin 2005-02-01 Belfast 2005-02-02 Copenhagen 2005-02-13 Granada 2005-02-26 Tokyo 2005-04-02 the guy wants 8 discs from me as i'm not trading i could share the shows he wants from me so other person can trade he's from the...