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  1. sketchy

    hey .. help!

    Can someone give me an example of an adress of someone in England?? Postal code and all .. I just need to see the structure of how its set up, and ultimately the way you guys do your postal codes.
  2. sketchy


    Does anybody have a decent picture of eddie on a motorcycle?? I dont expect you too .. I'm just looking for one ..
  3. sketchy


    I miss you guys!! I'll try to make an effort to come on here more often.
  4. sketchy

    Got any rad avatars?

    Share them on here!! :) <3
  5. sketchy

    The Sketchmeister

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! <3
  6. sketchy

    CBC news

    CBC came to do a piece on my school. I was the only girl that woudl let them interview me. So I was sitting there .. beside the computers and I had this page up on the computer behind me they were like "Alright .. lets try to get whats on...
  7. sketchy


  8. sketchy


    I need someone to tell me how to make images smaller on the "paint" program .. I scanner a picture but its huge .. i want to scale it down and how do you convert a Bitmap Image to some other kind of .. thing?? like jpg, gif, png, bmp, swf .. so on and so forth. (I'm a bit not computer...
  9. sketchy

    rockhardchick666 IMPORTANT!!!!

    Hey guys make sure Christie reads this shit Hey Christie. I miss you and I love you!! I'm still alive so its all good:) Windsor sucks major a-hole. I just went and bought you Alice Cooper's "constrictor" on tape and Iron maiden's "Maiden Japan" on record. I'll give them to you when I come...