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  1. Maniac618

    What is The best maiden solo?

  2. Maniac618

    HUB down?

    Re: . use direct link from bobo (pm him). It worked for me.
  3. Maniac618

    HUB down?

    really? I just tried the temp one, and it timed out. :( Anyway, I'm only coming to leech and waste bandwidth so it's good I can't get in! :banana: I could share a firestorm bootleg if you want :lol:
  4. Maniac618

    HUB down?

    :( The hub needs a life support machine :shock: I would offer to host with my 1mbit connection, but I would be risking my freedom in this country! If the uni caught me HOSTING a bootleg trading hub I'd be dead.
  5. Maniac618

    Osaka DVD with DAT audio ...

    :shock: :| :cry:
  6. Maniac618

    Maiden Bloopers DVD Coming Soon!!

    nice one rockphantom, much appreciated.
  7. Maniac618

    bloody disconnected sorry BoBo.

    LOL You can delete this now, I'll speak to you soon. Actually, why didn'y I just send you a pm. :banana: It says my nick is taken :roll:
  8. Maniac618

    Rio 2001 TV Edition DVD = PIRATE RELEASE

    im on my new pc, i'll just download the software. pm me all the hub details and my password they are on the other pc and im too lazy LOL
  9. Maniac618

    Rio 2001 TV Edition DVD = PIRATE RELEASE

    sounds like it's a proper version of the gig before steve got his hands on the editing suite LOL
  10. Maniac618

    Hub is down?

    LOL :D Was it a proper big storm, or just a humorous one?
  11. Maniac618

    Euro 2004

    Tony's a good bloke! :banana:
  12. Maniac618

    13/6 France 2, England 1 [RESULT IN] Damn it

    I'm english, but France will win at least 2-0. :cry:
  13. Maniac618

    40,000 post!

  14. Maniac618

    40,000 post!

  15. Maniac618

    New Iron Maiden BB ???

    it's now down. :roll:
  16. Maniac618

    IMBB is down again (April 18th 2005)

    fucking hell they are so shit at running a bb, i don't believe it!
  17. Maniac618

    Phantom of the do you people play it on guitar?

    It's down up strokes for that bit, otherwise its impossible.
  18. Maniac618

    Lossless hub down ?

    maybe someone broke into the office.
  19. Maniac618

    tea or coffee

    Is there a reason for this? Oh and do you and Crusher have a history? :?
  20. Maniac618

    what are you doing right now

    that did cross my mind :D