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    I have a question...

    how do i put a picture on this forum???? [/img]
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    hell yeah guys, my dream became as true as real life guys, i finaly saw maiden, that was my dream of my entire life, and that was also my mission for life which was see maiden. Now i dont really know what to do since i completed my mission and all my goals. Missions: 1. Make an awesome...
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    My Iron Maiden Influenced band!!!!!!!!!

    WHATS UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BACK!!!!!!!!!! i have been working with my band and stuff like that. GUYS i got my heavy metal band very iron maiden influenced download the song at this link its awesome. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!
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    fan boys check this link out you will be amazed ... &folder=39
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    Iron Maiden in Chile (concert download)

    Hi there, here is the concert of Iron Maiden in chile the last 9/3/2008 they are 2 parts you have to download both or any of them will work, you will listen some people speaking spanish with chilean accent because it was recorded on the radio, The Radio is called "Radio Futuro" and thats all...
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    Iron Maiden Toronto

    Does anyone know if a radio in toronto is gonna transmit the Maiden show?????
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    Somewhere Back In Time DVD!!!!!!!

    hello, i hope there is going to be a somewhere back in time DVD do you think that guys??? i hope yes :banana:
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    The Worst Set List

    well this set list doesnt exist but would you imagine if we would have this? wouldnt really suck? 1. Prowler 2. Invasion 3. Como Estais Amigos 4. Lord of The Flais 5. Fortunes of War 6. The After Math 7. Mother Russia 8. The Educated Fool 9. The Trooper (I'm giving this song so the fans dont...
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    The Key for The Iron Maiden Sound

    Well, today im here to teach you how to make the iron maiden sound even if your amp is a peace of shit. to make the Iron Maiden sound you need LOTS!! of Harmonized riffs which is good because it makes the music more complex and energetic lets make an example if you noticed in the intro of...
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    Worst Maiden Song

    i think the worst maiden song is................................. Prowler except for where the song speeds up and Dave starts doing the solo.
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    i think iron maiden this time should change a little bit their Set List, they should put more classic themes into it, like: -Caught Somewhere in Time -Purgatory -The Clansman -Infinite Dreams -Transylvania -Only the Good Die Young -The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner -Alexander...
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    Iron Maiden family

    Does anyone know if Bruce, Adrian, Dave or nicko have Kids??? i just want to know that, because i know Steve has 2 kids
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    How to Make The Iron Maiden Sound?

    hello, today im here to ask if anyone knows how do the iron maiden sound on my am which is a Marshall MG30DFX