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    Best Bruce Dickinson solo album?

    Tattooed Millionaire Balls To Picasso Alive In Studio A Skunkworks Accident Of Birth Chemical Wedding Scream For Me Brazil Tyranny Of Souls I know what I think... what do you all think?
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    Number of the Beast...

    What would this album have sounded like with Nicko on drums and Paul D'Ianno on vocals???
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    Afraid to Shoot Strangers

    I just got to thinking that Iron Maiden says they are Afraid To Shoot Strangers, but when Bruce goes out gun slinging solo he says Shoot All The Clowns. Does he know these clowns? Or are they strangers? And if they are strangers... do you think this is why Maiden kicked him out of the band...
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    Dickinson - San Antonio - Birthday

    Helloooooo Rivetheads... :edlighter: I recently found and mp3 of an interlude at a Maiden show in San Antonio where the local (radio station?) are giving Bruce a card for his birthday. But when I looked at their tour listings it seems they never played San Antonio in August. Never mind on the...